Georgian Room Boxes

Not everyone has the space for another full sized dolls house. Our room boxes1 are built using the same techniques as a room in a complete house but without all the additional complication of stairs, front panel, roof, chimney stacks, etc. Unless you request otherwise, all the room boxes are 18" wide X 12" deep and have a height that is relevant to the room type: for example, an attic or kitchen will have a lower ceiling than a principal reception room.

Displayed individually or built into stacks, room boxes are a great way to collect period rooms to display your miniatures.

Georgian Kitchen

Inspired by the kitchen at Fairfax House in York this kitchen roombox includes a real slate flagstone floor and a large feature arch containing a wide hob grate, chimney crane & cauldron, dummy smoke-jack with spit and driptray, Hearth & Home closed range, opening bread oven, with glowing firebox beneath. There is a dummy door and a window with plate shelf above. The roombox is lit by a kitchen lantern and the coals in the cooking ranges glow. There is a sliding acetate front panel and an appropriate transformer is included.

Georgian Panelled Room

An elegant tall roombox with a plaster fireplace, with brick back and marbled hearthstone, containing a firebasket with glowing coals. There are two dummy doors with elaborate overdoors, field and frame panelling with two plaster swags. The roombox is lit by two crystal wall sconce with the facility for you to add your own choice of chandelier later. There is a sliding acetate front panel and an appropriate transformer is included.

Georgian Bedroom with window seat

Inspired by Lady Anne's Bedroom at Fairfax House in York this pretty roombox contains a window seat with dummy shutters. The room is wallpapered above dado height with your choice of wallpaper from the standard Susan Bembridge collection and finished with plaster coving. There is a Sussex Crafts William Kent fireplace with hob grate and glowing coals. The roombox is lit by one single wall light and daylight LEDs in the window recess. There is a sliding acetate front panel and an appropriate transformer is included.


A simple attic to top a stack of roomboxes or simply as interesting individual room box. The attic contains a simple fire surround with shelf above, a sloping rear wall with feature beams and a dummy door. The roombox is lit by a simple oil lamp or a single wall light and an appropriate transformer included. There is a sliding acetate front panel.

Our Standard Georgian Roomboxes include:1:

Additional Costs

Exterior finish

Standard room boxes include a sliding acetate front panel, another option is to have a hinged solid front panel which can incorporate windows, external doors and shop fronts:


Delivery price for a room box varies with the content - a lot of plasterwork or expensive chandeliers requires more packing and more expensive transit insurance. Please call or email for a delivery price.

If you want to buy a room box but save on shipping costs you can collect in person from one of the exhibitions that we are attending.

We are happy to quote for the delivery of our room boxes overseas.

Room Box Gallery

1 As with all collectors items an Anglia Dolls Houses roombox is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under 14.